Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Your Hands on Championship Rings is Easy

There is a certain prestige that occurs when you get handed something that says you’re a winner. For the professional athlete that happens when they win the championship game, or the series that gets them into the legendary halls of fame around the nation. For the average sports fan, however, this becomes a dream that they often times cannot possess. Unless they jump into the professional ranks, which is not easy at all, the elite halls of sport’s grand standing traditions becomes impossible. At least it used to be, until now. You can easily get your hands on championship rings, if you know where to look and find them.

At first glance you may be tempted to think that you have to spend a lot of money. That’s a common misconception that people have. Millions of people assume that you have to go to an auction or sports memorabilia website and plop down millions of dollars to get your hands on an authentic ring of this magnitude. In the past, you would have to definitely do that, but not anymore. All you need today is to know where to look and order the item online, to get a completely replica of the exact option that the players get.

For the super sports fan, getting this piece of history will empower and completely impact the way they cheer. Imagine sitting back and watching your favorite team play, and with the spirit of your cheers is found a ring on your hand that illuminates the ultimate prize. Whether you’re looking at collegiate sports for March Madness, or you’re a fan of the many professional teams that play baseball, basketball, football, or any major sport, you can get your hand emblazoned with the ultimate glory.

Each ring that you see in the championship ceremonies can be duplicated and replicated to the specifications of the players. That means that as the team’s ultimate fan, you too will get a taste of that glory and you can show it off to your friends, family, and coworkers. Imagine the jealousy that will be on their faces when you present the prize that so many sweat, bleed, and fight for all their lives. Of course, yours may not be valued at the same price, but the principle is there, the authenticity of the settings.

Picking Out The Best Rings

When looking for a good custom championship ring, you need to look at the quality of the pieces. Even if you’re not going to be spending six figures, you will want to make sure that you get something quality. Often time’s companies will glue the stones in place, and amidst your frenetic cheering you will lose a stone or it will fall apart. This is evidenced by the many knockoffs that are found on auction websites, and even in some retail stores. When you see anyone selling an item that you know is too good to be true, then it most likely will be.

If you are going to purchase one of these replicas, you need to ensure that the jewelry is made by a good designer. Not only that, you will want the CZ stones to be set by hand with a prong set up. Never buy anything that has been glued, because that will not last nearly as long. You need a skilled worker to set the stones by hand, and with a precise measurement and manufacturing process. Too often people try to take a shortcut and risk losing their gems and more.

Another thing to look for is quality of design. The design that you want needs to be precise. There are a lot of companies trying to sell “similar” options, and not the real thing. You want to get something that is exact, a replica, and is going to shock and rival many of the originals that the players are wearing. What good is spending money on something that isn’t exactly the same?

Customized Solutions

Aside from the replicas, and the true to life options that abound today, you can definitely get moving forward with your own setup. Let’s say you’re in a recreational league, you could easily put up the ultimate prize of winning a trophy and give team members fully custom championship rings. Imagine the honor that will be bestowed upon the winning team, and you will see why so many are looking at this. If you want a taste of the sporting glory that the professionals get, you have to invest in this opportunity for greatness.

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